Addie's first MLB game!! She had a blast!!


Disney on Ice!

Addie had a fabulous time at Disney on Ice with one of her BFF's Sloane! It was probably the cutest thing I have ever seen! 2 little girls sitting side by side sharing a popcorn and giggling. They were adorable!!


Daddy's Softball game

Addison had a great time playing on the field with Daddy before his softball game....


Cupcakes with chef Addie!

Addie got a new cupcake baking set from Granny for Easter and she LOVES it!!!

Easter fun!

Addie had a fun day playing with her new gardening tools and eating peeps ( for the first time.) Later we played a little croquet. It was a great day!!!

Another egg hunt!!

Addie had a lot more fun at the Easter morning egg hunt at home!! She especially loved the jelly beans!!

Happy Easter!!!

Addie was very excited to stop her Easter basket on Easter morning!!

Easter egg hunt!!!

Addie didn't care much for the actual hunt but was very excited about the treats!!!!

Our fun Easter eggs!

This year instead of just dying plain old Easter eggs, we decided to jazz hem up a bit!! What do you think? Addie especially loved the little mermaid and Peter Pan!!

Yes, that is kale!!!

Easter bunny!!!

future photographer??

The last time (and every time) i take my camera out Addie is fascinated. I let her have a "turn" to see how she would do........she thought it was pretty cool!