STILL nothing.....boo!

Today was the last Dr's appt we will have until after the baby is born. My blood pressure was a little high but not so high that the Dr. was worried about it. I am barely dilated to a 1 and still only 50% effaced. We are still going to be induced on Sunday night at 9:30pm so we should get to meet Addie sometime monday....



We had a great Christmas We played tons of games (Charles even got everyone to play Monopoly twice,) ate tons of delicious food and even did some day after shopping.

Charles also bought me a Juicy Couture diaper bag that I will post pics of later.... whoo hoo!


Still nothing happening

Had another Dr's appt today and there is STILL nothing happening.....I am still 50% effaced but not dilated at all! And the Dr. thinks the baby is already 7 1/2 lbs. It looks like she will be a big girl!

The good news is that if she hasn't arrived by January 4th, we have scheduled an induction....so at the very most she will be born in 12 days.


Dinner with friends

We went to our friends Don and Alicia Hickmans house last night so that Don could teach Charles (and me) how to cook Chicken Marsala and Chocolate lava cakes. We had an awesome time and the food was sooooo good! We also got to catch up with them and spend some time with their 3 adorable kids. It was a great night!


Nothing happening

Today was our first appointment where the Dr. starting checking our progress. I am 50% effaced but not dilated at all. It looks like Addie will not be coming early after all. :( She is still 2 weeks big so hopefully I won't have a 10 lb baby!!!


Didn't get to see the Dr.

So today was our first appointment to check my cervix and unfortunately we were unable to see the Dr. because he had 4 babies to deliver..... We will have to wait until next week to see if Addie is getting ready to be born.

W e did get to see the nurse and she took my blood pressure and measurements. Everything is great and Addie is still about 2 weeks big. They will probably do an ultrasound next week to check her actual size and weight. I also only gained 2 lbs....yah!!! My swelling however is still bad and according to the nurse will only get worse......


Bear Lake

We went to Bear Lake for the weekend and had a great time! Charles' office paid for us to stay at this really awesome 10000 sq ft mansion right outside of town. It was called The Inn at Snow meadows and not only was it beautiful but the couple that owned it thought of every detail. Every room had a different theme and we were in the Bohemian room. We stayed there with about 10 other couples from his office and ate like kings and played games and relaxed the whole weekend. It was sooo cold (0 degrees and below) and the drive home was a little scary, but it was a great weekend! http://bearlakesinnatsnowmeadows.com/


Christmas lights

I finally have Christmas lights on the outside of my house....yah! I have always wanted to put them up and Charles finally did them for me today! I am so excited and they look great


Maternity and Christmas card photos

Today we went with our favorite photographer, Brody Dezember and got some pictures of us and the bare baby belly taken before Addison is born. It was soooo cold and really hard to do but I think we got some amazing pics. My favorite is toward the end when Brody made Charles lift up his shirt and get some belly pics too. :)

You can check them out at http://brodydezemberphotostore.com/gallery/splash.php?gallery_id=431. The password is payne.


Christmas decorating

Had a fun time putting up the Christmas decorations today! It took me alot longer than usual though!


Swollen Feet

Here is what my poor feet look like pretty much all the time now.


Thanksgiving at Wolf Creek

Had a great time with my parents on Thanksgiving! We stayed at the Wolf Creek resort in Eden, Utah. I spent 2 days before cooking all kinds of yummy food. I made 2 cheeseballs, Chex muddy buddies, a cherry pie, a pumpkin cheesecake, 2 pumpkin pies, fruit salad and 4 dozen rolls. It was exhausting doing all the work but definitely worth it! My mom made all the other Thanksgiving dishes and as usual, everything was AMAZING!! We spent the weekend shopping, playing games and watching movies. Charles had to work most of the weekend but I think he was relieved that he only had to walk a few minutes to work instead of driving 1 1/2 hours.


First 2 week Dr's appt

Today was our first 2 week Dr's appt. Addie is doing great and has a strong heartbeat! She is still big for her age and I am still gaining weight! I seem to be the only one worried about my weight gain though! My ankles were pretty swollen and Dr. Smith thought they were impressive. He did tell us that he is going on a cruise the 2nd week in January so if she is not born on her due date he will induce....whoo hoo!! Let's hope we have her before then! On our next appointment he will start checking to see if I am dilating....


Guestbook entries from babyaddie.com

From: Mom O - November 17, 2009 edit remove

Good job, I will expect to see a new picture every day after she is born.

From: Hillary Chipp - November 17, 2009 edit remove

Kristy-This is such a great idea. I love being able to see all the pictures and how it keeps us up to date. I am sooo excited for you!!! Yoohoo! (PS The room looks so cute!)

From: Valerie Bori - November 17, 2009 edit remove
Email: valerie0022@comcast.net add contact

How much am I loving this page! You two (soon to be three) are the cutest! I love you guys so much and Im so excited to meet baby Addison! Boop!

From: Cassie - November 18, 2009 edit remove
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Cute website! Can't wait to see pics and meet her someday! :D Love you guys!

From: Dave Dove - November 18, 2009 edit remove
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Awesome Website

From: mom and brooke - November 23, 2009 edit remove

this page is sooo darn cute!!!!! we cant wait untill shes here! thanks for putting this together for us to see the progress! we love you!

From: Uncle Dew - November 27, 2009 edit remove
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Lookin' good guys!!!! Good thing baby Addie looks like Kristy!!!!!!! HA!!!! Love ya, The Dew

From: Suko - December 02, 2009 edit remove
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Awe!!!!! I luuuuuv it! U are amazing......I don't know if I'm over emotional, but I am soooooo excited! Very nice website! Luv u guys, and can't wait to see more pics! Especially new born ones!!! :)

From: Shae Dearden - December 03, 2009 edit remove

So cute! Your poor feet and ankles:(

From: granny - December 10, 2009 edit remove

I can't wait for her appearance in this world either. She will be so adorable and loved. Hope to see you ALL soon. Love Granny

From: Todd Payne - December 10, 2009 edit remove
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web site looks great and congrats you guys.

From: Kris Bowser - December 12, 2009 edit remove

OMG This is adorable! I love it, and I love your homepage picture! You are so obviously happy together and making a great team. You're inspiring Kristy- you're so creative. You're an amazing woman, friend and wife, and I know you'll be an amazing mom too! Can't wait to meet her and be part of her life. Insta-babysitter right here... just sayin :) Love you guys! ~Bowser

From: Michael Payne - December 15, 2009 edit remove

I was here! Congratz!

From: ma payne - December 17, 2009 edit remove

just checking in...hi guys!

From: Mom O - December 18, 2009 edit remove

Enough already; have the baby:)

From: Kristine - December 22, 2009 edit remove

I love your website! I can't believe how much you've done with it!! I'm so excited now that she'll be here any day..... :) I'm going to try to plan a trip to SLC in January, so I'll let you know when I get it figured out and see what works for you guys. Can't WAIT to meet her and see the two of you! Love, Kristine

From: Cuz Sherie - December 25, 2009 edit remove

Congrats Charles and Kristy! Can't wait to see pictures of Addie :)

From: ken and sible - January 03, 2010 edit remove
Email: silly54@msn.com add contact

I'm looking at this before you guys have any pictures of the baby in here. All your pictures are great and looks like you both had a great time docing everything. congratulations you both way to go love you both uncle Ken @aunt Sible.

From: Mallory - January 09, 2010 edit remove

She is adorable! Glad to hear you are doing well! Congrats again!

From: karen - January 09, 2010 edit remove
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She is an absolute doll!!! She looks like a rock star with all that hair, I can't wait to see her in person. Congratulation Kristy and Charles!

From: Sean Tedrow - January 10, 2010 edit remove

Congrats! She is beautiful

From: ma and pa - January 10, 2010 edit remove

she's just as cute as I thought she would be... can't wait to get there. see you soon

From: auntie brookie!!! - January 11, 2010 edit remove

omg she is the cutest baby neice i could ever ask for!!!! 11 more days untill i can finally meet her!!!! miss you guys and love you hope your getting a little bit of sleep at least... give her a smooch for me!!

From: Cuz Sherie - January 11, 2010 edit remove

Charles, seriously, she is the most beautiful baby girl! All my love to you and your family :)

From: ray midkiff - January 16, 2010 edit remove
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great job kristy beautiful little girl,hello addie i look forward to meeting you.chuck wheres my cigar i want it .

From: mama payne - January 16, 2010 edit remove

can't hardly stand the wait....it's a little bit overwhelming feeling for me. see you soon. Happy 2 week birthday baby addie! love, GRANDMOTHER

From: Gail and Jeff Jones - January 25, 2010 edit remove

She is so beautiful! We are so very happy for you both. You have a wonderful family. How fun for both you and Matthew to have little girls who will definately have their Daddy's wrapped around their tiny fingers. God Bless.

From: granny - January 25, 2010 edit remove

she just gets cuter every day I couldn't be prouder or happier for you and daddy Thanks for all the pictures Love granny

From: Karen - February 18, 2010 edit remove

She has changed so much since we were there. Keep the pictures coming. Take care, Love Karen


3rd ultrasound-33 weeks

This was our last ultrasound at Fetal Fotos....it's amazing how well you can see her features.

Our last monthly Dr's appt

Today we found out that the baby is still big. She is only 33 weeks old but is measuring at about 35 1/2. I guess that would explain my giant belly and the fact that I have gained 40lbs,(13 in the last month), aaahhh! The Dr. didn't seem to be very worried about my weight gain and thought it was mostly water (thank goodness.) He will do another ultrasound in about 2-3 weeks to make sure she is not too big and determine whether it is necessary to induce labor. We are hoping she comes a little early!

I was quite worried about what to do when I went into labor and where to go etc so although he normally wouldn't cover that for a few weeks he went over everything with me (probably so I would stop bringing it up.)

We tried to get a tour of the hospital we would be delivering at but because of fku season they no longer give tours..... what a bummer! We were able to get a swine flu shot though so the trip wasn't a complete waste. :)

We will now start seeing the Dr. every 2 weeks for 1 month and then every week....we are almost there!


Addie's Room

My parents came to visit this weekend and brought the dresser/changing table for Addison's room. Everything is finally done and the room is ready for her to come home! It is such a huge relief! I am sure Charles will be happy to not hear me nagging about it anymore


Murder Mystery Party

What a BLAST! Tonight we went to a Murder Mystery party at our friend Shawna's house and it was so much fun. Charles was the Port Authority Cop, Officer Bullet and I was the Beauty Pageant contestant Samantha Simpson. I was a little shy with acting out my part but WOW, Charles had no problems getting into character and was giving everyone a hard time at the party....even me! Although my acting skills were not that great, I made up for it with my detective skills and was the only person who guessed who the murderer was. We had such a great time!!


Pumpkin Carving

Here is our handiwork.


Idaho Baby Shower

Idaho Baby Shower

What a great day! It was so much fun! As usual my mom when all out on the food and decor! Everything was sooooo yummy!!

For lunch we had an italian salad sandwich (so good), hummus,a layered green salad and a macoroni salad. We had lemonade punch and homemade Oreos for dessert, mmmmmmm!!!

We played 3 games. The babyface drawing game where everyone had to put a plate on their head and draw their best baby face with a crayon (Trina won o course.) Then we played a baby word scramble that Hillary and Karen tied on...there were some hard words, I didn't guess very many. And the last game we played was the belly string game where everyone got the chance to cut their string to what the thought was the size of my belly. Marci won this one and was very nice to my growing baby bump! Thanks Marci!

I got so many amazing things for the baby that we really needed. I am so happy everyone could come! Thanks!!


Jackson Hole WY

Charles has never been to Jackson so we thought we would drive up for the day with my parents. We did alot of shopping and my mom bought Addison her first Jackson onesie. We ate dinner at Bubba's and it was delicious! They had the best salad bar I've ever seen! Then we stopped in Swan valley and got a giant square ice cream, I had huckleberry and Charles had cookie dough.


Utah baby shower

Utah Baby Shower

We had this one on a Friday night at Shawna's house and it was thrown by Suko, Val and Kris. Suko had so many great ideas and really went all out incorporating everything. It was so beautiful.

We had this one on a Friday night at Shawna's house and it was thrown by Suko, Val and Kris. Suko had so many great ideas and really went all out incorporating everything. It was so beautiful.

We had some amazing food including guacamole, spinach dip, cheese and crackers and veggies. Suko also made chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries and Shawna's mom went all out on the CUTEST cake!!!

We played a few games but the baby bottle chugging contest was probably the funniest! I never knew how hard you had to suck on a bottle to get the water out....Kara proved to be the champion at that game! The next game we played was a fun one I had never heard of where we divided into teams and had to try and find things in our purses for points. Some of the items were baby pictures, birth control, extra underwear, pacifier...it was pretty hilarious to see what some people had stashed away.

The baby recieved so many wonderful presents and some of the cutest clothes ever!! It was a really great night with family and friends! Thanks everyone!!


2nd ultrasound-20 weeks

This was the 2nd ultrasound we recieved at the Dr's office. They measured everything and checked for certain defects but everything was great! She is happy and healthy and still a girl!


1st ultrasound-16 weeks

Here are the first pics we got at Fetal Fotos. This is when we found out that we were having a girl.


Lazy days

Here is what Emily has been doing while waiting for her baby sister! Her favorite thing to do is lay in front of the fireplace and stretch out