Idaho Baby Shower

Idaho Baby Shower

What a great day! It was so much fun! As usual my mom when all out on the food and decor! Everything was sooooo yummy!!

For lunch we had an italian salad sandwich (so good), hummus,a layered green salad and a macoroni salad. We had lemonade punch and homemade Oreos for dessert, mmmmmmm!!!

We played 3 games. The babyface drawing game where everyone had to put a plate on their head and draw their best baby face with a crayon (Trina won o course.) Then we played a baby word scramble that Hillary and Karen tied on...there were some hard words, I didn't guess very many. And the last game we played was the belly string game where everyone got the chance to cut their string to what the thought was the size of my belly. Marci won this one and was very nice to my growing baby bump! Thanks Marci!

I got so many amazing things for the baby that we really needed. I am so happy everyone could come! Thanks!!

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