Our last monthly Dr's appt

Today we found out that the baby is still big. She is only 33 weeks old but is measuring at about 35 1/2. I guess that would explain my giant belly and the fact that I have gained 40lbs,(13 in the last month), aaahhh! The Dr. didn't seem to be very worried about my weight gain and thought it was mostly water (thank goodness.) He will do another ultrasound in about 2-3 weeks to make sure she is not too big and determine whether it is necessary to induce labor. We are hoping she comes a little early!

I was quite worried about what to do when I went into labor and where to go etc so although he normally wouldn't cover that for a few weeks he went over everything with me (probably so I would stop bringing it up.)

We tried to get a tour of the hospital we would be delivering at but because of fku season they no longer give tours..... what a bummer! We were able to get a swine flu shot though so the trip wasn't a complete waste. :)

We will now start seeing the Dr. every 2 weeks for 1 month and then every week....we are almost there!

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