Hospital Stay

Addie was born at Alta View hospital and her nurses and CNA's were so great. Even though we were in the hospital, they took great care of us and really tried to make sure that we had everything we needed. They even gave me a plush spa bathrobe to take home and cooked a "gourmet" dinner for Charles and I to share in our room. It was delicious, steak, potatoes, salad ,rolls, sparkling cider and chocolate mousse cake for dessert.

We got out of the hospital on Wednesday 1/6/2010 and were able to take Addie home. I am feeling good, we had to stay an extra day because my bladder had a hole that had to be repaired and I did not want to carry around a catheter/pee purse at my house.) Addie is doing great and although she lost a little bit of weight she gained 1 oz before we left the hospital which is not very common. She loves her new home although her big sister Emily isn't quite sure what to think yet. :)

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