Happy Birthday Addie!!

She is finally here! Our beautiful baby girl Addison Brett O'Connell Payne was born on January 2, 2010 at 2:14 am by emergency c-section. We had an exhausting day waiting for her to be born and she did give us a few scares. I went into labor at about 3 am on Jan 1 and stayed at home until about 10 am when my contractions were 5 minutes apart and HURT! When we arrived at the hospital they were going to send me home to labor for a while longer but my blood pressure was too high. They ended up admitting me right away and gave me some pitocyn to start contractions. I received and epidural shortly after that and at about 2 pm, the on call Dr. (no one can locate Dr. Smith) came in and broke my water. By this point I was progressing pretty well and my pain was under control. Around 6 pm my progress started to slow down a little and my epidural wasn't working that well for about 2 hours. I also had developed a pretty high fever and they gave me some antoniotics. They tried to up my dose of pitocyn but then Addie's heart rate would drop. They gave Addie an amnio infusion and eventually they were able to turn off the pitocyn and get my pain under control and at about 12pm I was completely dilated and effaced. We started pushing about 12:30 pm but everytime I would push Addie's heart rate would drop. She was not coming down the birth canal. By this time they had found Dr. Smith who was on his way in. Our labor nurse Katie (she was AWESOME!!) starting getting set-up for a c-section so that when Dr. Smith arrived if he decided to do one, we would be ready. When Dr. Smith arrived, he decided that he would go ahead and do a c-section and we were slowly getting ready to go to the operating room. At some point, Addie's vital signs were not doing so well and so we ended be rushed to the operating room so that she could be delivered quickly. It was very scary and the Dr. had her out in about 3 minutes. She cried immediately and they rushed her to the nursery to check and make sure she was ok. All her tests were normal and she is very healthy! Here are some pictures of her first moments with us and some we have taken in the hospital this last few days. We are so happy she is finally here and can't wait for everyone to meet her!

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