Crazy day...

So yesterday was quite the adventure for Addie and I! I noticed when I was feeding her in the middle of the night that she had this weird fluid filled bump on the side of her head. I called the Dr. the next morning and they had me come in to check it out (yes, my Dr. is open on sunday, AWESOME!) They asked me all kinds of questions about if I had dropped her or if she bumped her head. I told them no...they decided to send me to Primary Childrens so she could get a skull xray. So I drove downtown in a blizzard and we got her all taken care of. The xray showed nothing but htey decided it was a bruise that had been there when she was born that had resolved itself and turned into a blood pocket....weird! I think thye have no idea and just made it up. Oh well, at least she is fine!

Last night we invited ourselves to Aunt Wendys house for dinner. We had an awesome dinner and dessert and really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Charlie is still as rambunctious as ever! Sophie was so cute just wandering around all night checking everything out and Layla was the most adorable thing ever, just happy and smiley all night. She really wanted to play with Addie. Casey and Whit are the most well behaved, polite sweet kids I have ever met, Mom and Dad should be proud. It was so good to see everyone and join in on Rory's bday celebration (Sorry about turning 30!) Addie behaved herslef most of the night until she had a meltdown about 930 and had to be taken home. She cried most of the way and then wore herself out. What a great night! I hope I can invite myself to dinner again soon!

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