Bad news!

So today Addie had another appointment with Dr. Klatt about her hips. Unfortunately, there had been no progress with the use of her new brace and her right hip is still dislocated. At the beginning of May she will be put in a cast from her chest to her toes. She will be in the cast for 12 weeks. Hopefully, this will be the final step in correcting the dislocation. I will still be praying for a miracle to happen sometime before the cast is put on. Who knows, maybe the hip will correct itself. In the meantime, she doesn't have to wear any braces at all so that will be a great change!

Tutu cute!

Here are some super cute pics of Addie in her tutu (thanks Aunt Shawna) and her baby bikini.


We found a house!!!

We found a beautiful house in Las Vegas! It is 3700 square feet with all the upgrades, 4 bedrooms, formal living and dining, and amazing master bath and closet and A POOL!!!! The landlord, Jack is also super awesome and we are excited to live there!


Addie has recently discovered her hands and is mesmerized trying to put them in her mouth. She stares at them at every opportunity!


Las Vegas

Last week we went to Las Vegas to see Charles and look for a house. We had a great time and ended up finding a few prospects. Addie also got to meet her Aunt Kristine and stay with her Aunt Wendy while her Daddy and I went to the Gonzaga games. GO ZAGS!