Addie had her first successful meal of rice cereal. I think she even enjoyed it. She did seem to like playing with her bib and the spoon a little more though.


Viva Las Vegas

Hi all! So we finally got settled in vegas. The weather is beautiful and we are loving our house. We still have some unpacking to do but we are getting there.


Visiting family in Spokane

Addie had a great time visiting her Grandma and Grandpa Payne and Aunt Brooke and Uncle Todd. She also got to meet her Great Grandma June and Payne and meet some of her daddy's friends! She loved it and had an awesome trip!


First Exersaucer

Addie got an exersaucer and she is loving it! Her feet don't quite touch the bottom but she is still having a blast hitting all the toys and trying to spin.


First time swimming

Addie got to get in our pool for the very first time today. She didn't seemed to mind it but couldn't stay in very long because it was a little cold. She did get to wear one of her super cute new swimsuits and her swim shirt.


First Rice cereal

Addie tried rice cereal for the first time today and it didnt go over very well. I am not sure if she didn't like it or was just too tired and fussy to enjoy it. Well at least we had fun watching her try to eat it.