Dancing Queen!

This cast is not going to stop Addie from shakin' her groove thang! This is probably one of the funniest things she has done so far!


First "real" cast problem

So last night during my nightly "flashlight check" i discovered that Addie had a horrible red oozy patch on the fat roll of her right thigh. Needless to say, I FREAKED OUT!! My instinct was to pack her up and rush to the emergency room but my concern with that was that they would cut the cast off and then we would be back to square one. My Dr. would probably kill me if that happened! So I calmed down a little bit and called the Dr. to see what he thought. He said these type of skin irritations are completely normal and that I should not worry about it too much unless she becomes irritable or gets a fever or if it starts to look infected. The irritation is caused by moisture on her skin. I am 99% positive that nothing is getting on her from the diaper so I think it must be sweat. It could also be my obsession with trying to keep the cast clean and smelling good and that I am over washing inside it and not drying her well enough. He recommended that I dry it out as well as I can and put some aquaphor or neosporin on it. This morning it looks alot better. I hate to think what is under that cast in places I cannot see........I am going to try my new cast cooler today and see if that works any better.

as of Monday 6/28, the skin irritation is pretty much cleared up! YAY!! I just kept it really dry and instead of washing the inside of the cast with a wet wash cloth, I have been lightly washing it with a baby wipe and then drying it really well with the blow dryer. I also put a little aquaphor on it. Hopefully, we won't have anything else like this happen.


Addie's first pedicure

Addie got a pedicure today. It was not easy to get her to stop wiggling her toes long enough to paint them. Her color is called Peru-b-ruby. Soooo cute!!!


more Father's Day pics

We had a BBQ for Father's Day. Here are some random pics of everyone having fun.

Happy Father's Day

For Father's day Addie got her daddy an annual pass to Disneyland and a 3 night trip on July 27. We are all super excited and can;t wait to have the Disney characters sign her new cast! We started our morning by giving Daddy a bunch of random junk from the disney store as his gift with the first father's day card. He was very gracious but needless to say, also quietly disappointed. Later in the day we showed up at daddy's work(in our disney gear of course) and gave him the second card with his annual pass. He was sooo excited and probably a little relieved. Addison has the best Daddy in the whole world! We both love him very much and fell very blessed to have him!



Addie went to the zoo for the first time today and she loved it! She had a great time people watching and riding in her stroller. She was so tuckered out after that she zonked out in her carseat as soon as we started driving.


Cute pics


Playing at the park

Addie got to go to the park today for the first time. She went on the slide with daddy and the swings with mommy and then we all went for a walk and saw some bunnies. She loves her knew umbrella stroller and fits in it well with her cast.


Our sweet little cast baby

So Addie finally got her cast on today. It was a day we have been dreading for a long time but it turned out much better than we anticipated. She had a closed reduction under anesthesia and when she woke up she was just fine except for a little pissed because she hadn't eaten. We dont't think she even realizes she has it on. What a trooper! We are so proud of her!!