First "real" cast problem

So last night during my nightly "flashlight check" i discovered that Addie had a horrible red oozy patch on the fat roll of her right thigh. Needless to say, I FREAKED OUT!! My instinct was to pack her up and rush to the emergency room but my concern with that was that they would cut the cast off and then we would be back to square one. My Dr. would probably kill me if that happened! So I calmed down a little bit and called the Dr. to see what he thought. He said these type of skin irritations are completely normal and that I should not worry about it too much unless she becomes irritable or gets a fever or if it starts to look infected. The irritation is caused by moisture on her skin. I am 99% positive that nothing is getting on her from the diaper so I think it must be sweat. It could also be my obsession with trying to keep the cast clean and smelling good and that I am over washing inside it and not drying her well enough. He recommended that I dry it out as well as I can and put some aquaphor or neosporin on it. This morning it looks alot better. I hate to think what is under that cast in places I cannot see........I am going to try my new cast cooler today and see if that works any better.

as of Monday 6/28, the skin irritation is pretty much cleared up! YAY!! I just kept it really dry and instead of washing the inside of the cast with a wet wash cloth, I have been lightly washing it with a baby wipe and then drying it really well with the blow dryer. I also put a little aquaphor on it. Hopefully, we won't have anything else like this happen.

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