We took Addie on her !st trip to Disneyland and we all had an amazing time. It was a little busier that we are used to, but it was so fun to see her reaction to all the characters, people and rides. She really liked "Small World" and her favorite character was Goofy. She even gave him a high five. She was a hit with all the Disney workers who all stopped to say hello and many people were so excited about her pink toenails and her "relaxed" position in her stroller. I don't think they realized that she was in a cast.
All in all, it was a GREAT trip and we can't wait to go back.


First tooth

Addie finally had her first tooth break through....we have been thinking it would happen for a few months. It was relatively easy-it wasn't there in the morning and then it was in the afternoon. :)


Addie and GG chatting

We went to the lunch buffet at the M Resort and Addie had a lovely chat with her GG. The buffet was awesome! Highly recommended!!!



Surgery and cast change

Addie got her cast changed today. She did really great and her cast is now above the knee. She especially loved the little red wagon they let us use before surgery. We had to wait 2 extra hours for our surgeon to finish his previous surgery and made about 100 laps in the wagon.

I finally held my own bottle!!!

Addie is finally starting to hold her own bottle. She has known how to do it for a while, she would just rather play than hold it.


All dressed up

Addie got to wear a few new outfits this week, she is super cute!


M&M world

Addie visited M&M world today. She loved it with all the bright colors and things to look at. We took our Pikkolo baby carrier instead of our stroller and it was so awesome!! We love it!


Happy 4th of July!

We had a BBQ today and had alot of fun. Here are some random pics of our day.


Daddy finally set up the movie room!

Addie loves hanging out in the movie room!

I LOVE peaches!!


Addie's new chair

Addie got a new custom made chair that accomodates her spica cast and she LOVES it!!!!! I still need to paint it but i wanted to get it put together so she could play in it. I will post more pictures when it is painted. Thanks to Ivy Rose Spica Chairs for making it!!