2nd trip to Disneyland

Charles trying to look over the fence and see the princesses....hysterical!

Finding Nemo Submarine Ride

Sleepy baby on Storybook Land ride

Waiting in line for Storybook Land
Monsters Inc.

Just playing.....

The Mad Hatter says "Look Alice, she has acorns in her cheeks."

We love Pluto-got our first autograph

Alice and The Mad Hatter

Daddy making a wish

Happy baby-She LOVES Disneyland

We took Addie to Disney again to celebrate her cast removal. It was even more fun than the first time if that's possible :) The Mad Hatter and Alice stopped to say hi and the Mad Hatter was convinced that she had "acorns on her cheeks" tee hee!! I think this time around she liked the Enchanted Tiki Room and Finding Nemo Submarine the best.



Addie had her cast removed today after 12 looooong weeks! She didn't seem to be bothered by the cast saw but she definitely did not like being moved around for them to take it off. When it came time to xray they made me hold down her newly freed legs and she was NOT happy! I think that was probably her least favorite part. Her hip socket looks good and it is making very good progress. She will have to wear a brace full time for a little while and then only at night for up to 2 years. We will continue to see the Dr. and treat the hip until it is completely fixed. It could take until she is 4 or 5. We are very grateful that the closed reduction and cast worked and that there are no more casts in our future.....


Happy Birthday Granny!!!!