Today we went to the Dr. to get Addie's hip checked and the CAST IS OFF!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!! We are so excited. She was fairly traumatized by the cast saw but is happy to have her legs back. At dinner tonight she kept pointing to them pinching them and laughing! She was looking at me like, "is this real, mom?" It was a great moment and I am happy to have her legs back too!

Her hip looks great! The Dr. said it couldn't be a more perfect result. She does have to wear the brace full time for about 6 weeks. I won't say she is back to normal, she is very sore and seems to be in pain alot of the time. She doesn't want to move her leg and does not like to be touched anywhere near her hip. She still has the pins in ( they will be removed on 5/10) which is probably contributing to her discomfort. We are only on day 2 and she is starting to move a little. She rolled over and sat up on her own yesterday-so proud of her!!

Just like everything else we have been through, I am sure this will take some getting used to. It's a good thing I have such a tough little girl!


Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful Easter with friends at our house. Our dinner was yummy and we all contributed a little something to the feast. Addie does not normally eat eggs but she was LOVING her deviled egg, as you can see by her messy face. I was disappointed that she wasn't able to do an easter egg hunt and found myself cursing the cast once again but there is always next year, right??



This morning while Addie was eating her breakfast, we used her cast cooler. She seems to have an instant sigh of relief when I put it on. And, it freshens up the cast which is great after our little leak last night. Ugh!


Happy as ever....

Addie loves the card she got from her Granny....


Our little comedian!

I am amazed at the silly things this one comes up with! :)

Day 10-post surgery

So today is day 10 post surgery and I am happy to say that we may have turned a corner. Although Addie is still frustrated that she can't move around on her own, her pain seems to be better, she is eating better and sleeping!! Yay! It is exhausting toting around a baby in a heavy cast all day but we are finding new ways to do things everyday. Hopefully each new day will bring a little more happiness and comfort for her and we will have this thing off in 27 days!! We are grateful that God has answered our prayers for our baby girl and just now pray that He will help her bones grow and heal correctly. Thanks to our friends, family and members of my 2 chat groups for all their love and support!