Recent Brace pics

Here are some pics of Addie in her Hip abduction brace and Rhino cruiser. The only real difference we can see between the 2 is that the rhino cruiser does not have the "nut" on the bottom that makes it adjustable. This is actually really nice for Addie because when she sits she doesn't have that hard plastic on her bottom. She is now only wearing a brace at night but WOW, she is so good at getting around in that thing! She is AMAZING!!!

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  1. oh my gosh !!! She is so precious !!! You will all be included in our daily prayers !! Thank you for all the information you've put on your blog. Being brand new to our daughter's diagnosis of bilateral hip dysplasia, I was (am) completely in the dark as to what lies ahead and the things we'll need ! Because of you, I am already gathering some of the 'tools' you've found so helpful !! Thank you for this !!! It helps when you can feel like you're doing "something" to help the situation...even if it's just getting a spatula ready !! :) Our Mia's first surgery is set for the 3rd week in August, and if you'd like to come visit us on our blog, we'd love to have you !!! You've already taught me so much, and from one Mommy's heart to another, thank you, my friend !!! Wishing many miracles and the absolute best for all of you !! ~ Mia's Mommy, Gina
    Mia's blog: http://www.miasmiracles.blogspot.com