Pavlik Harnesses and Hip Abduction Braces NEEDED!!!

So I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak with a woman named Betty Lenoir who works with an organization called SHOWHOPE.ORG about a need for gently used or new Pavlik Harnesses and Hip abduction braces for an orphanage in Louyang, China called Maria's Big House of Hope. This is a very poor section of China, with over 700 orphans, mostly deserted due to the population control mandates.  Children 0-5 years old are brought from the orphanages to MBHOH for corrective surgeries. After surgery, they stay until adoption or placement in foster homes, or until they turn 7, when they must return to the orphanage.    MBHOH has been open for 2 years.

Show Hope approached the company she works for (STAR Physical Therapy) to assist them with  physical therapy for the children.   They are sending 2 PTs to China to assess the needs and come up with a plan. DDH is a common diagnosis for these children and they need all sizes of harnesses and braces on hand.

I am going to donate my used braces and also call my Ortho's office to see about them donating some new ones. I have also contacted Rhino Pediatrics (maker of the Rhino Cruiser and Rhino Pavlik) to see if they would be able to donate anything.

If any of you are interested in helping out, please let me know. I am so excited to have the opportunity! My email is hippyadie@yahoo.com or vacationsrock@msn.com

You can also send any used Pavlik's or braces directly to Betty

Betty Lenoir
Star Physical Therapy
789 Tennessess St
Bolivar TN, 38008


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