Addie is walking!!!!

Today Addie really started walking! She took about 10-20 steps at a time back and forth about 30 times. She was so excited and would wait for her "yays" after each time and then go around and get high fives from everyone. She even tried it on her very own a few times without any coaxing from mom. By the end of the night she was exhausted and her poor little legs were like jelly.

Addie was diagnosed with bilateral CDH at birth and wore the Pavlik Harness from 5 days to 3 weeks. This corrected her left hip. After that she wore a hip abduction orthosis until 5 months when she had a closed reduction followed by 12 weeks in a Spica cast. At 15 months she had a Salter Osteotomy on her right hip and was in another Spica cast for 5 weeks. The pins were removed 2 weeks post surgery. She is now 21 months old, her hips look great and she is WALKING!!!! Yay!!!! Praise God!!!

Today is the day I have been looking forward to for so long! I am so proud of her and can say emphatically that it was worth it!!!!!

Thanks everyone for all your support and advice!! For those of you that are just starting your journey, it does get better! One day you will look back and realize that everything your LO went through was what brought you to this day and you will be so happy! Keep your chins up and your eyes to God! He WILL get you through!!!

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  1. So happy to hear the happy happy healthy end results! I read your blog when my little one was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia at almost 7 month old of age (right hip only). Since then, she has been on hip abduction brace (2-3 weeks for 24-7 and at nights afterwards). I haven't been through what you have been but you are symbol of strength and persistence and you gave me hope....I am hoping our little one would be off the brace in 8 weeks or so (she is 14 months old). Wishing you many many happy days with your little one.