Must Haves

Here are some of the things that have helped us and other "hip" kids so much!!

  • Pikkolo baby carrier-I LOVE this!! It holds Addie in a perfect position on my hip or front facing in and out ans I can also wear her on my back. I bought mine at
  • Bean bag chair-I bought mine at for $40 but I also saw alot of cute ones at Target for $25.
  • Blow dryer-we use this everytime we change Addie's Diaper. Make sure you get one with a "cool" setting. I duct tape the cool button down to make it easier. 
  • Rubber kitchen spatula- try to find one with a flat handle. I use it to gently push her diaper up in her cast and prevent leaks. 
  • Waterproof cotton lap pads-I cut them into strips and use them to on the inside of the cast on both sides of the diaper!! They are super soft and absorbent. They are also waterproof so you can easily throw them in the wash. I get mine at Walmart for $10. They are pretty big and you can get about 20 strips from each. (See Spica Cast Info and tips for pictures) At the time of our Salter Osteotomy I could no longer get them at my Walmart but found them at Just search for Carter's Keep me Dry lap pads.
  • PILLOWS! -lots of pillows in every shape and size for propping and positioning. 
  • Receiving blankets-you can fold these and roll them up to use for propping and positioning in car seats, chairs and strollers. You can also use rolled up towels.
  • Baby legs-these are basically leg warmers for babies. I use them on Addie's cast and also on my arms to protect from the hard fiberglass. They make them in many cute styles. I buy mine at or ebay. You can also make your own by purchasing regular  adult socks and cutting the feet off. 
  • Waterproof tape-you will need lots of this. I use clear waterproof medical tape, Nexcare tan waterproof tape and also colored duct tape to petal the edges of the cast. 
  • Moleskin-this protects your baby from the rough edges of the cast. You can petal it on the cast first and then put waterproof and/or duct tape over it. The hospital should give you a bunch before you leave.
  • Diapers-I use a size 2 diaper inside the cast and a size 3 over top when she was 6 months old for her Closed Reduction. When she was 15 months and had her Salter Osteotomy I used a size 2 inside during the day with a size 5 on the outside and a size 4 nighttime diaper for bed without an outside diaper. You will probably want to experiment and see what works best for you. You can also use a re-usable diaper cover on the outside. You can purchase several different styles and colors at
  • Stroller-I bought an umbrella stroller for $20 at Target. I just put a small pillow between her back and the seat. You may have to adjust the straps or add extra length to hold your baby in properly. We also ended up purchasing the Chicco Liteway for longer trips and added comfort. It is a good idea to go to the store and just put your baby in all the strollers and see which works best. Another Mom recommended the Mia Moda Ciello. It as no sides and looks like it would be perfect for a spica baby. I sure wish I had one when Addie was in her cast. 
  • Britax Hippo Carseat-this is the only seat we could find that would fit Addie. You can buy one at but they are super expensive. We talked to the Safe kids coalition and they got us one for free. They were awesome!! You can also check with your Dr. and hospital to see if they have a loaner program.