Spica Cast info & Tips

Addie's beanbag

Size 4 diaper on the outside

I put the changing table on our kitchen counter and had a fan and blow-dryer handy for diaper changes.

Flashlight (for checking inside cast),  rubber kitchen spatula (for  getting diaper into cast) and blow-dryer on cool (for drying out the cast when it's sweaty or you have a leak.)

Cotton lap pads (cut into strips) that I pushed into the front and back of the cast. When they were dirty or wet I would just throw them in the wash. I kept a stack by the changing table for easy access.

This is where we would give her sponge baths and wash her hair. Just put her changing pad next to the sink, covered it with a waterproof lap pad and hung her head over to wash. It worked GREAT!

Petaling of her cast. 1 inch of moleskin first then 2 inches of Nexcare waterproof tape with 4 inches of duct tape over that. We used the tie dye duct tape. So cute!

Back view of cast. They wouldn't do a colored cast so every day that she was in it I would draw something new on it with sharpie. It was pretty fantastic by the time it was removed. She got alot of compliments on her "artwork." 

Bouncy chair we used for feeding and entertainment. We just did up one of the straps and never left her  unattended.

This is how Addie slept in her bed. An adult size pillow under her head and bottom and a towel rolled up under each leg. She slept great! Very rarely even woke up in the night. Of course she was only 5 months old and couldn't roll over.

This is Addie's Spica Chair that we got from Ivy Rose Spica Chairs. I had them send it to me unpainted and painted it with a Strawberry Shortcake theme myself.

Pool noodle play center. I took an ordinary pool noodle and 2 metal paper towel holders and just stuck them through the holes in the noodle. I took a flat bungee cord under the bottom to hold it up. Then I attached toys and voila.....spica baby play center! She loved it!

Cast cooler! It didn't work for her open reduction when she was 6 months old because she was too small and it wouldn't fit but with her 2nd cast after the osteotomy it was awesome! I could see instant relief whenever we used it! You can actually just put the vacuum hose right on the outside of the cast and although its not as widespread it still circulates air and helps to dry out the cast after any messes!